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Boys of Summer: Third Base

We are working to make the fourth film in the series available in 2023


It begins with a return to a dream

We started the fourth Boys of Summer by returning to the Field of Dreams in Dyersville Iowa in July of 2021. We first visited this magical field in the corn during our 2004 road trip to see all 30 MLB stadiums. The Field of Dreams was our inspiration and the dreams of all who come to visit live on today. In our 2021 return, we held a home run derby fundraiser for a local PD group, screened Boys of Summer: Short Stop in left field, then stayed the night in the farm house. 

"It's just F'n Parkinson's"

That's what the man says. It's Dan's response to being stared at like he's about to die when, in truth, it's just F'n Parkinson's. In science, the word is stigma. It's a feeling of carrying an unfavorable label around and being unfairly defined by it. It's unfortunately common for people with PD.


Help us laugh this stigma off and support getting the next film done by donating $35 or more (includes shipping and handling) to order your t-shirt today. 

Photo Credit: Johnnie Burrell

Goodbye and Hello

One of the challenges of living a full life means saying goodbye to places, people and even activities along the way. Dad said goodbye to running, which was a big part of his identity, a couple of years ago due to severe back pain and balance issues related to PD. Then, unexpectedly he got to say hello to his favorite race, the Bay to Breakers, again because of an adaptation he said "yes, and" to. Special thanks to our friends at Hoyt Running Chairs for helping to make this happen. Had that been "it" we would have been thrilled. But lo and behold, Team Fox of the Michael J. Fox Foundation heard about our story and asked if we'd be interested in running the Disney Marathon with them. Mind you, I'd never gone beyond a half-marathon before. I say, "mind you" because dad sure didn't mind volunteering us for the whole marathon!

Click here for the next chapter of that story!

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